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<img src="http://i12.pixs.ru/storage/5/8/8/collagepho_3520135_30601588.jpg" alt="MicroBitcoin" width="80%" height="80%"><br><br> <br><br><br><b>The co-founder of the scam cryptocurrency MicroBitcoin has appeared to be a girl from India</b><br><br><br>Analytical resource experts from <a href="http://bitcoin.com/">bitcoin.com</a> conducted an investigation on the project, which is <a href="https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4697958.msg42907001#msg42907001">trying to attract naive investors</a>. Nitin Jagtiani and Shweta Singh, natives of India, have developed a fake cryptocurrency MicroBitcoin (MBC) with their colleagues.<br><br><br>In order to avoid expensive ICO they made the site <a href="http://microbitcoinico.co/">microbitcoinico.co</a>, which was saying that ICO has already successfully conducted. In fact, the project was set up recently and their white paper was published on the main site of the fraudulent project <a href="http://microbitcoin.co/">microbitcoin.co</a> just this month.<br><br><br>This is just the one of theirs Scam businesses. Their company DigiXHub also developing FOREX and cryptocurrency exchanges. They placed the fake-currency MBC (MicroBitcoin.io) at one of these exchanges <a href="http://aristrex.com/">aristrex.com</a> so naive investors could make a "profitable investment".<br><br><br>Notice that the legal field of cryptocurrencies in India is questionable. The government plans to make a decision on the status of cryptocurrencies within the next month.<br><br><br>
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